Welcome to Clermont Health

At Clermont Health our aim is to provide excellence in patient-centered care that is mindful of the needs of our patients, our staff and the community in which we serve. We hope this is the care that you have come to expect, and we aim to continue to provide the same. Never fear, we are still your established local GP, just with a new name and uniform and some modernisation and better parking. That is our way of saying that we are here for you now, more than ever.

 As a teaching practice, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of community medicine by educating the next generation of clinicians and devoting time and resources to medical education and research.

A practice can only be as good as the community and the people that it serves, so we are excited about the next chapter of community healthcare with all of you. That’s why we are focused on medical and holistic approaches to healing. To do this our team has grown considerably, and so too has our nest with improvements to accessibility and staffing increases.

Inclusivity     |     Integrity    |     Innovation

Who works with us?

Meet the team

Dr Siobhan Garavaglia

General Practitioner

Dr Meave Baxter

General Practitioner

Dr Sean Owens

GP| Pharmacist

Dr Katherine Whately

General Practitioner

Dr Eoin Mc Dermott

General Practitioner

Jacqui Lynch

Practice Manager

Sheila Carey

Practice Nurse

Medbh Burns

Practice Nurse

Emma Hughes

Practice Nurse

Mary Sloan

Admin | Reception

Niamh Regan

Operations Manager

Iris McCoy

Admin | Reception


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