Information for Ukrainian refugees / Інформація для українських біженців (click here)
Information for Ukrainian refugees / Інформація для українських біженців (click here)


Clermont Health & Castlebellingham Health Centre | Fees from 1st May 2023
Dr Consultation€60
Dr Consultation with blood test€70
Dr Consultation Review (within 1 week, same issue, discretionary.)€35
Private Work Cert (not covered by medical card)€25
Private Prescription€25
Medical Letters - not covered by medical card€25
Letters relating to Medical Card (Jury Duty /Housing /Gym / Travel etc - not covered by medical card)€25
Passport Endorsement€25
Parking Permit Form (needs an appointment)€25
Legal ReportTo be advised
2nd Legal ReportTo be advised
Enduring Power of Attorney (per patient)€150
Mental Capacity Assessment for Will (per patient)€300
Pre-Employment Medical€150
Accident / Illness / Sickness Assessment€150
Implant Insertion / Removal€200
Mirena Coil€270
Driving Licence Medical€60
Insurance Forms€60
Legal ConsultationVariable
House Call€80
SI Screening€80
Cryotherapy 1st Visit€60
Cryotherapy subsequent visits until no longer needed€40/visit
Ear Micro Suction 1 ear€70
Ear Micro Suction both ears at same time€100

Practice Nurse Fees

Nurse Consultation€35
Ear Syringe€30
Blood Test and E.C.G.€65
Blood Test (Private & Medical Card)€30
Cervical SmearQuery Nurse

Please note:

  • It is the office’s policy to issue a receipt for each transaction.
  • Receipts cannot be back-dated.
  • Copies of receipts will incur a fee.
  • Repeat of lost or mislaid scripts will also incur a fee.
  • Re-issue of lost scripts €10.
  • Reprint of annual receipts €10 per/per person.